Two Years with the Zawinul Syndicate

It's been 17 years since Tony Zawinul followed the Zawinul Syndicate on a tour around the world and now you can enjoy the concerts from your very own home!

Narrated by the band members themselves, the documentary includes original music by Grammy award winner, world-renowned keyboardist, Joe Zawinul.

For the first time, Joe Zawinul and his group The Zawinul Syndicate permit the presence of a film camera inside their music world and take you along a journey performing concerts throughout Europe, parts of India and Africa. Shot in over two years span, the film explores different settings; from airports to highways, from Hotel rooms to Dressing rooms. It shows the inner-action among the musicians and how each member copes with the daily routine of "Life on The Road". Aside from the interviews, the documentary follows the rhythm of the group with the intention to keep the point of view of the musicians. It doesn't intend to glamorize the musician's life style but to promote the art of making music.